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History & Heritage

In the Highlands, the past is all around. Ancient cairns and stone settings, the later brochs (defensive round towers), then the Picts with their mysterious carved symbol stones have all left their faint traces on the landscape.

In the north, the Viking war galleys once roved, the root of Gaelic place names in the west such as Shieldaig (sild-vik - herring bay) or Diabaig (deop-vik- deep bay), while more obviously Norse in Caithness where Langwell (lang vollr - long field), or Whaligoe (hvair gja - whale inlet) or dozens more remind us of their rule here.

Then clan system then evolved with Mackays and Sinclairs, Mackenzies and Frasers, Camerons, Macdonalds and lots more, all holding their territories by force of arms. These gaelic speaking Highland clans not only skirmished, but gave encouragement through their chiefs to bards and storytellers, adding to the rich heritage of music and legend which has survived until today.

Though the old clan ways have vanished, the Highlands are still a special place and a place apart, enjoyed not only for their unspoilt environment but for their particular sense of the intertwining of past and present. In such atmospheric Highland settings, Neolithic folk, Bronze Age warriors, Picts, Vikings and clansmen need only your imagination to come alive!

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